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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Pet Chicks

I had four pet birds. Three died so mom and I decided to free the last bird. Now, I have two pet chicks. I named them after me. The yellow one is Roselle and the gray one is RJ. My neighbors call me RJ and my classmates call me Roselle. Sometimes, my two pets are fighting because of one grain of rice. It makes me laugh when I saw Roselle running with a grain of rice on her beak and RJ is running after her. They are living in a cage of birds. My cage has a perch. Sometimes they are climbing there. And they are pushing each other to make each other fall but RJ is the one who's always falling even he's a boy. You know why? Because Roselle is taller and bigger than RJ. 

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  1. anak, tanong ko lang. how did you know kung sino ang boy and sino ang girl? is it because of their colors?